Lewis Miller Custom Mantels
Mission Statement
Lewis Miller


     At Lewis Miller Custom Mantels our goal is to provide you with outstanding service and affordable
quality workmanship.  What sets L.M. Custom Mantels apart from other mantel companies is we believe
that quality custom mantels should be versatile enough to fit most any budget and that excellent
customer service should accompany every customer regardless of cost.

     Mantel construction varies from company to company.  Each company has their own standards of
construction and installation.  Lewis Miller Custom Mantels uses only the finest kiln dried lumber and
each mantel is hand carved to fit the wall by a professional mantel builder.  We do not subcontract any
of our work, so we take personal responsibility for all our work and products.

     Lewis Miller Custom Mantels has been in business since 1985 and we have done business with
many of the major construction companies in Utah.  Although we do not have a show room, we do have
a full color brochure, many pictures of completed mantels, and we can direct customers to a variety of
places where our mantels are installed.

     Most mantel companies add an additional fee of $50-$60 or more to install their mantels and $60-$100
for stain and lacquer.  Our price for stain grade mantels includes finish and installation.  The price for
paint grade mantels includes the installation, but we do not paint them.  We can arrange for the painting
to be done by professional painters either before or after installation for an additional amount of
approximately $125.00.  In most cases we can have your mantels installed within one week and we fully
guarantee our quality and workmanship.  We leave the site as clean or cleaner than it was when we

     Lewis Miller Custom Mantels would like to have the opportunity to consult with you concerning your
mantel needs.  Our prices are very competitive, and our workmanship and customer service are
unbeatable.  We look forward to hearing from you.